Rock types within the Manx Group

The coloured bars refer to the different units in the Manx Group shown on the Geological Map. The ranges of the bars indicate the proportion of sandstone and mudstone as well as the relative thicknesses of the beds in these rock units. Unit names and ages are shown in the key to the map. (mya = million years ago.)

Key to colours on bars and map

Barrule and Glen Rushen units
481 and 477 mya
Maughold unit
482 mya
Maughold unit
(inc.quartz sandstones and pebbly mudstones), 482 mya
Injebreck unit
(inc. pebbly mudstones), 480 mya
Maughold unit
482 mya
Glen Dhoo unit
488 mya
Creggan Mooar unit
475 mya
Lonan unit
486 – 484 mya
Maughold unit
(inc, quartz sandstones), 482 mya
Port Erin/Lonan unit
(incl. quartz sandstones), 485 – 484 mya
Injebreck unit
(incl. quartz sandstones and pebbly mudstone), 480mya
Glion Cam unit
(brown sandstones), 490 mya
Lady Port unit
(incl. brown sandstones and pebbly mudstones), 472 mya
Creg Agneash & Mull Hill units
(quartz sandstones), 483 mya
Santon and Ny Garvin units
485 mya
Glen Dhoo unit
(grey sandstones), 488 mya