RIGS in the Isle of Man

RIGS are Regionally Important Geological and geomorphological Sites. There are currently no RIGS designated on the Isle of Man but awareness of the need to protect and highlight the key geological localities on the Island is growing.

The Isle of Man has been the focus of much geological research over the last few years, including a number of PhD theses, a Geological Society Special Publication and a new British Geological Survey map and memoir. Consequently, we now have a good understanding of the scientific significance of specific rock outcrops, and the need to protect and promote them. In particular, it is crucial that access to these areas is safeguarded.

A list of potential RIGS has been drawn-up, including:

Bradda Head
Peel Hill and Peel Castle quarry
White Strand to Will’s Strand
Marine Drive
The Chasms

There are several other sites on the Island that merit protection and it is hoped that all will soon receive RIGS status.