Contact Us

Members of the Manx Geological Survey are:

Dave Quirk
(Consultant Geoscientist)
Tel. +45 3393 3207; (M) +45 5192 2817
e-mail: dgquirk AT outlook DOT com

Dave Burnett
(Consultant Geologist)
Creg Consulting Ltd
Myrtle Bank
Four Roads
Isle of Man IM9 5LQ
e-mail: dave_burnett73 AT hotmail DOT com

Charles Guard
(Composer, film-maker and administrator of the Manx Heritage Foundation)
15 Highfield Crescent
Isle of Man IM3 3BL
Tel. 01624 624 093
e-mail: charlesguard AT manx DOT net

Scott Pearse
(Chartered Geologist)
Beacon Station
Port St Mary
Isle of Man
e-mail: scott.pearse AT gmail DOT com

Leon Landels
(Geology Graduate)
e-mail: leonlandels AT hotmail DOT com

Barbara Doyle

John Barker

Anthony Wilkes

John Booth